Ube Pie Instructions
🍁 This Thanksgiving season we are using ube, a beloved, purple yam. 💜 This is our take on sweet potato pie. 🥧 Instead of sweet potatoes we use ube. It’s earthy and sweet and mixed with sugar to create a jammy filling. Bring these kits to your gathering for the kids to join in on the baking fun too!
Ube pie kit includes cookie crumbles, ube jam, coconut oil, marshmallow fluff, sprinkles, and mini pie tins


1. Add coconut oil to the cookie crumbs in a bowl and mix together to create a wet, sandy texture. If the coconut oil arrived solid, microwave for 10 seconds to turn it back into a liquid.
2. Take about a tablespoon of crumb mixture and place into each mini pie pan. Press crumbs into the pan and up the edges using your fingers. This will form your pie crust.   Place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set the pie crust before filling.
3. Fill the chilled pie crust with about 2 tablespoons of ube jam and spread evenly using the popsicle stick.
4. Cut the piping bag of marshmallow fluff and pipe on top of the pies. Decorate your ube pies using the sprinkles and gems. Share and enjoy!


Oreo crumbs: unbleached enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate {vitamin B1}, riboflavin {vitamin B2}, folic acid), sugar, palm oil, soybean and/or canola oil, cocoa (processed with alkali), high fructose corn syrup, leavening (baking soda and/or calcium phosphate), salt, soy lecithin, chocolate, artificial flavor


Ube Halaya: purple yam, sugar, blue 1, red 3

Marshamallow Fluff: corn syrup, sugar, water, contains less than 2% of dried egg whites, cream of tartar, xanthan gum, artificial and natural flavor


Coconut Oil

Fall Sprinkle Mix: sugar, sunflower oil, modified corn starch, palm oil, dextrin, shellac, carnuba wax, soy lecithin, gum arabic, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropol, distarch phosphate, salt, water, cocoa, protein whey, tapioca dextri, yellow 5, titanium dioxide, red 40, red 3, blue 1, blue 2

Autumn Blend Non-pareils: sugar, corn starch, confectioner’s glaze, yellow 6, yellow 5, red 40, carnuba wax, red 3, blue 1

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