Polvoron Cookie Monster Instructions
Create these adorable pol-BOO-ron cookie monsters!  Polvoron is a no-bake shortbread cookie and a popular treat in the Philippines.  Try it in our October kit. All the ingredients and tools are included in all our kits. Plus, all our kits are no-bake! We make quality time with your kids easy while they get to experience new flavors, practice fine-motor skills, and think logically and creatively.
Kit Includes: polvoron mix, polvoron molder, coconut oil, melting chocolate, pinipig (puffed rice), googly eye sprinkles, popsicle stick, hey boo! sticker
Polvoron is a no-bake shortbread cookie typically made from toasted flour, sugar, and butter. It is a popular sweet treat from the Philippines. The word "polvoron" comes from the Spanish word "polvo," which means "powder." Sometimes flavors are added to the cookies like crumbled oreos, nuts, and toasted rice.
Pinipig (pronounced as pee-nee-pig) is like the Pilipino version of Rice Krispies. It is young rice that has been pounded then toasted. The term "pinipig" itself is derived from the Pilipino word "pipig," which means rice that is toasted or popped.It is used in both sweet and savory dishes. The rice flakes add a delightful crunchy and nutty flavor to its dishes.


1. Melt the coconut oil (holding the container in your warm hands for a few minutes should do the trick). In a bowl, add the melted coconut oil to the polvoron mix and stir until the mixture is well combined and looks like wet sand.
2. Take the polvoron molder and pack the mixture into the mold by pressing it against the sides of the bowl to keep its shape. Once the mixture is tight and holding its shape, press the plunger to release the cookie on a plate. Refrigerate your cookies for at least 15 minutes to set the coconut oil making it easier to handle.
3. Microwave the melting chocolate in 10 second increments until it is melted. Mix with popsicle stick in between increments.
4. Decorate the chilled polvoron by dipping into the melted chocolate and adding sprinkles and pinipig to create your monster cookies. Share your creations and enjoy!


Create more monsters with one eye, no eyes, a mouth, or just decorate as you like! Share your creations with us on IG @heysprinklesandgems.

polvoron with one eye and sprinkles
polvoron cookie monsters


Polvoron Mix Ingredients: Toasted all-purpose flour, non-fat dry milk, sugar, coconut oil, salt

CONTAINS: wheat, milk, coconut

Pinipig (toasted young rice)

Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), paramount crystals (hydrogenated palm kernel oil with soy lecithin CONTAINS: milk, soy 

Sprinkles mix (sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, corn starch, sunflower lecithin, vegetable juice, annatto extract, spirulin extract, turmeric, beta-carotene, maltodextrin, carnuba wax, cellulose gum)

Net Wt: 8oz (226.79g)

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