1. Subscribe

Every month we have a different themed box with free shipping. Each kit is different and comes with pre-baked pastries enough for one or two people, 1-2 icings, and 2-3 decorative sprinkles or sweets. Flexible subscription plan. Skip, pause, or cancel anytime.

2. Wait For Your Delivery

Order cut-offs are on the 7th of every month. If you subscribed on or after the 7th, your kit will be delivered the following month. We ship for free right to your doorstep around the 14th of the month. We are currently only shipping in California.

3. Decorate

Get ready to decorate like a pro, no baking skills (or ovens) required! Follow the easy guide that comes in the box or create a one-of-a-kind treat with everything you need already in the kit. Decorating instructions will be different every month to reflect that month's theme.

4. Devour

Each box comes with enough treats and decor for one to two people. Please consume within 5 days of delivery. Eat it all to yourself or share with someone special.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the subscription box?

The subscription box includes a themed, curated box from our pastry chef with all the supplies and instructions needed to decorate delicious seasonal treats.

When will I receive my order?

We ship orders on the 2nd week of each month. If you ordered on or after the 7th, you will get the next month's shipment.

Can I choose the treats that come in the subscription box?

The treats are curated by our pastry chef each month to fit the theme of the season so we cannot modify them at this time. As of now, we are a small operation so we may include other options in the future.

Do you have vegan/gluten free options?

At the moment we do not have vegan or gluten free options available.

What if my child has a nut allergy?

We are a nut-free subscription box. We don't put any nuts in our baked goods or decorations. However, our facilities is not nut-free. Currently, we cannot cater to all other allergies and food sensitivities.

Is baking required for the subscription box?

No, our subscription box is designed for decorating only, so no baking is required. All treats are pre-made and ready to be decorated.

How long do the treats last?

Please consume within five days of receiving.

Can I receive my shipment on a different day instead of the 2nd week of the month?

Currently, we can only ship 1 time a month. As we grow, we may be able to ship multiple times per month. If you need to skip an order, simply log into your customer portal and go into your invoice and select skip.

Can I skip shipments?

Yes, you can skip shipments by logging into your customer portal. Click Subscriptions. Select your product. Select skip payment on the order you want to skip.

Can I pause shipments?

Yes, you can pause your shipments until you are ready to resume. Simply log into your customer portal, click Subscriptions, select your product, select Pause my subscription.

Do you ship outside of California?

In order to keep the quality of our products fresh, at the moment we do not ship outside of CA. With enough interest we may begin shipping to other states.

Can I order multiple boxes for gifts or parties?

For gifts, order on our gifting page.

For bulk orders delivered on a specific day please email us at hey@sprinklesandgems.com

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account, click Subscriptions, select your product, select Cancel my subscription.

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